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Writing Queer Stories presents:


The 3 C’s Workshop for LGBTQIA+ Writers

  • Part 1, Week 1: Conflict (120 minutes)

  • Part 2, Week 2: Characterisation (120 minutes)

  • Part 3, Week 3: Climax (120 minutes)


What you can expect to engage in:

  • Conflict:

    • Place your protagonist in a tough situation and explore the difference between a conflict that goes wide (has social consequences) versus deep (has psychological consequences).

    • Investigate the forces of anatagonism.

    • Uncover your story’s core tensions and explore how to heighten them.

    • Queer conflict by identifying the intricacies of power in LGBTQIA+ relationships.​

  • Characterisation:

    • Investigate how queer experiences, like coming out, affect how your protagonist feels and behaves.

    • Uncover your characters' quirks and unique voices.

    • Explore how your characters' personalitities and desires manifest as behaviors—and how to avoid using head nods, furrowed brows, and sighing to reveal them.

    • ​Queer characterisation by showing sensibilities that question and defy norms.

  • Climax:

    • Learn how to work backwards from your story's ending.

    • Find out how to develop a classic story arc and adapt it to your needs.

    • Explore alternatives to the traditional arc, like meandering and spiraling.

    • Hone an ending that is simultaneously, as McKee pointed out, “inevitable and unexpected."

    • Queer climax by interrogating what an ending means.

Who should take this workshop: Beginning to intermediate LGBTQIA+ writers.

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